The program for the A Matter of Translation TeachMeet is below. We have assembled a collection of leading educators and voices from around the world. For free, you can hear from:

  1. Sarah Cottingham (Ambition Insitute, UK)
  2. Oliver Lovell (Brighton Grammar and ERRR Podcast, Victoria)
  3. Dr Paul Welsch (Townsville Grammar School, Queensland)
  4. Michael Ha (Element College, Queensland)
  5. Fiona Philip (Churchie, Queensland)
  6. Dr Terry Byers (Churchie, Queensland)

Registration close 30th of August at 3 pm. Registrants will receive a second program with embedded Zoom room links by no later than the 31st of August. With the speaker’s permission, we will also record the presentations, which will be shared via the A Learner’s Toolkit YouTube channel.