Even though the A Learner’s Toolkit program is focused on student learner behaviours, habits, and study strategies, we are starting A Matter of Translation with a keynote on classroom management from Dr. Tim McDondald, CEO of the YMCA WA.

The rationale for starting with classroom management is due to its growing importance in conversations with leaders and teachers from across our partner school network and those interested in joining us. These conversations about classroom management range from its impact on teacher well-being to its direct effects on the educational outcomes of all students.

In fact, it would be fair to say that no school is immune to the negative effects of a disengaged, disruptive, and noisy classroom environment. The evidence is clear: effective classroom management is a critical skill for teachers to develop in order to create a focused and positive learning environment for their students and promote academic achievement.

Dr McDonald is one of Australia’s leading experts in classroom management. He is the subject matter expert on the Engaged Classrooms Initiative announced by the Federal Minister of Education, the Hon. Jason Clare. The Engaged Classrooms initiative will develop tools to support teachers in effectively managing classrooms.

Dr McDonald’s Keynote is titled “We need to teach behaviour in Australian schools“. The abstract for his keynote;

Australia has some of the most disruptive classrooms in the world. Safe, ordered and positive learning environments are a foundation for learning. We need to teach behaviour as a curriculum like any other subject. This keynote will look at the current national focus on behaviour, the ‘why’ of behaviour based on psychology and neuroscience and then explore the practices that work in our classrooms.

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