The A Learner’s Toolkit team is thrilled to have two captivating workshops by Geelong Grammar Schools’s Peter Sherwin. Each focuses on aspects of teacher practice that can profoundly impact students’ learning outcomes.

  • Workshop #1 Designing the Desirably Difficult Classroom: Explore the world of ‘Desirable Difficulties’ inspired by Bjork’s work. Peter will uncover counter-intuitive yet highly effective teaching techniques that challenge traditional norms. Discover how these strategies can create an environment of practical learning habits and foster student growth.
  • Workshop #2 Crafting a High-Performance Classroom Culture to Optimize Students’ Academic Achievement: Delve into the powerful impact of classroom culture on student success. This workshop will guide participants through evidence-based practices drawn from high-performance environments. Learn to adapt these techniques to your classroom, boosting student performance, fostering deep learning, and establishing a sustainable scholarship cycle.
    Don’t miss out on these transformative workshops that will elevate your teaching methods and create an enriching learning experience for your students.

A Matter of Translation Registrations 

There are less than 20 remaining places for the conference. Registrations for the limited remaining places are still open till Wednesday, 30th of August. Click here to register for A Matter of Translation

Registration fees for this conference are as follows:

  • University students/Pre-service teachers: $25
  • Teachers from Partner Schools: $50 (Free for virtual access)
  • Teachers from Non-Partner Schools: $150
  • Confirmed Workshop Presenters: Free

All proceeds are dedicated to expanding the Churchie Narragunawali Reconciliation in Education (RAP) project.