The third featured Workshop focuses on the Smart Study initiative presented by Rebecca Birch and Emma Macey from the Queenwood in Sydney. Their workshop will take a different angle on how to improve student wellbeing through a focus on the Science of Learning.

With rates of student mental health issues rising in Australia, wellbeing programs have risen to prominence across all sectors. While, many programs focus on the overall mental, emotional, and physical health of students, very few address the significant contributing factor of academic stress. Furthermore, very few wellbeing programs are based on research evidence. The Smart Study team at Queenwood, in collaboration with The Evidence Institute at AISNSW and the School of Education at UNSW are working to change all this. Rebecca and Emma will talk about the ways they are drawing upon research about how students learn to develop student self-efficacy in their independent study.

A Matter of Translation Registrations 

There are less than 20 remaining places for the conference. Registrations for the limited remaining places are still open till Wednesday, 30th of August. Click here to register for A Matter of Translation

Registration fees for this conference are as follows:

  • University students/Pre-service teachers: $25
  • Teachers from Partner Schools: $50 (Free for virtual access)
  • Teachers from Non-Partner Schools: $150
  • Confirmed Workshop Presenters: Free

All proceeds are dedicated to expanding the Churchie Narragunawali Reconciliation in Education (RAP) project.