The first featured Workshop comes from Germany. Silvia Savelsberg is an Instructional Coaching Teacher Trainer at the Ministerium für Schule und Bildung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (Ministry of Schools and Education of North Rhine-Westphalia (MSB)). Silvia’ s workshop, aimed at both primary and secondary teachers, will focus on her reflection on the critical aspects of instructional coaching through the lens of established theory.

As an instructional coach, have you ever wondered if you and your coachee were talking about the same thing in your last session? Or did you feel that he/she/they misunderstood your observations or suggestions?

In this workshop, you’ll find out what we – as instructional coaches – can learn from authors Heen / Stone about the usage of key terms (called labels) in feedback conversations. For example, the terms student engagement or cooperative learning might be interpreted very differently by the coach and coachee. We’ll take a closer look at such expert terms and discuss potential differences in meaning. We will then practice how the coach and coachee can come to a shared understanding of crucial terms and avoid miscommunication.

Finally, you will reflect individually upon the question of how honest or direct you can or should be based on Kim Scott’s notion of Radical Candor.

A Matter of Translation Registrations 

Registrations for the limited remaining places are still open till Wednesday, 30th of August. Click here to register for A Matter of Translation

Registration fees for this conference are as follows:

  • University students/Pre-service teachers: $25
  • Teachers from Partner Schools: $50 (Free for virtual access)
  • Teachers from Non-Partner Schools: $150
  • Confirmed Workshop Presenters: Free

All proceeds are dedicated to expanding the Churchie Narragunawali Reconciliation in Education (RAP) project.