Discover the power of ‘Retrieval Practice’ and leverage it in your classroom! This high-utility learning technique involves recalling information from memory, enhancing students’ understanding and retention. Here are some concise activities to incorporate:

1. Flashcards: Utilise this classic method to promote the testing effect and interleaving, encouraging students to retrieve prior knowledge.
2. Brain Dump: Prompt students to write down everything they know about a specific topic, enhancing both recall and organization of content knowledge.
3. Quick Review: Implement spaced practice by posing questions from the last lesson, a week ago, and a month ago in your retrieval exercises.

By integrating retrieval practice into your instruction, you can bolster students’ learning outcomes. Explore the links below for more insights on knowledge formation and additional retrieval exercises. Take charge of your classroom practice and unleash the potential of retrieval practice with your students.
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