You have up to Monday, the 22nd of May, to Register for the A Learner’s Toolkit (ALT) TeachMeet for Term 2. This event is free to any teacher, at any school and anywhere. We already have more than 70 teachers from across Australia who have signed up for this event. The TeachMeet will showcase the work of international researcher and ALT critical friend Dr Tom Perry (University of Warwick). In addition to Dr Perry’s workshop, we have a host of leading Australian educators who will share their practice and interventions underpinned by the Science of Learning. The highlights include:

  • Amy Markham (from The Glennie School, QLD) will delve into the Glennie’s Mathematics Faculty’s evaluation of guided retrieval sheets, showcasing their impact on student academic results in Senior Mathematics.
  • Scott Francis and Mathew Stein (from The Lakes College, QLD) will unpack an action research project focused on secondary school student perspectives. They will explore how an intentional study culture influences academic performance and outcomes.
  • Rebecca Birch and Emma Macey (from Queenwood School, NSW) will share their expertise in change management frameworks and practices associated with their StudySmart initiative. They will provide insights into developing a professional learning community through fostering teacher expertise.
  • Ashton Murphy and Steven Taylor (from Churchie, QLD) will discuss the development, evaluation, and refinement of the ALT preparatory habits, learner behaviour, and study strategies program. This program equips students with lifelong learning skills, shaping their behaviours, habits, and techniques.

In addition to the TeachMeet, the ALT team is proud to announce the first in-person A Matter of Translation conference at Churchie on Friday, the 1st of September. A Matter of Translation coincides with the Queensland School’s Student-Free for Confirmation Day. Similarly to the TeachMeet event, A Matter of Translation is open to any teacher at any school and anywhere. The event will be low-cost and open to all preservice teachers and staff from Partner and non-Partner schools. The conference will be focused on the streams of Behaviour Management, Instructional Coaching and the Science of Learning. Further to the announcement of the conference, we can confirm that our first keynote is Dr Greg Ashman (Deputy Principal Ballarat Clarendon College, Writer, Researcher, PhD in Instructional Design, Part-time Professor). Dr Ashman’s presentation will revolve around the synergy between Direct Instruction and Cognitive Load Theory.

If you are interested in presenting a workshop at A Matter of Translation (confirmed workshop speakers will have their registration fee waived), please complete the following Expression of Interest to Present form by Tuesday, the 1st of August. Further details and early announcements of workshops will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.