Self-regulated learning poses an incredible opportunity for boosting students’ achievement and engagement both inside and outside of the classroom, in addition to creating lifelong learners. In this talk, Ollie Lovell will share thoughts on just how big this opportunity is, personal reflections of what an education system powered by self-regulated learning could look like, in addition to diving deep into some of the challenges that stand in the way of the transition. Concluding with some thoughts on some of the key ingredients for successful implementation of self-regulated learning in the classroom, this talk promises to be a call to action for students, teachers, and school leaders alike.

About our speaker: Ollie (Oliver) Lovell is host of the popular Education Research Reading Room, author of two books, Cognitive Load Theory in Action and  Tools for Teachers, and a teacher and Senior Researcher within Brighton Grammar School and the Crowther Centre. Ollie is currently undertaking his PhD in self-regulated learning through the University of Freiburg, Germany, under supervisors Alexander Renkl and John Dunlosky, and project partner Tino Endres. Ollie conducted a literature review on self-regulated learning for the Ministry of Education in Estonia and the British Council in 2021, and is an adjunct lecturer within LaTrobe University’s School of Education.

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