The next featured Workshop focuses on Empowering Minds, Empowering Leadership: The Neuroleadership Edge, presented by Corinna Bailey and Jo Thompson from Mount St Benedict College in Pennant Hills, New South Wales.

Neuroleadership recognises the neurobiological underpinnings of human behaviour and leverages this knowledge to create leadership practices that nurture psychological safety. The Neurocognitive Performance Approach by Dr Judi Newman, is an accessible approach to understanding the link between cognitive performance and effective leadership; as a classroom teacher, leading a department, or a school. Build your understanding of the significance of the protective mechanisms of the brain. Apply this knowledge through classroom routines like ‘Meet and Greet’ and ‘Learning Ready’. The research from Dr Newman challenges us to consider that understanding wellbeing has a vital role to play in effective and, therefore, successful leadership.

A Matter of Translation Registrations 

There are less than 20 remaining places for the conference. Registrations for the limited remaining places are still open till Wednesday, 30th of August. Click here to register for A Matter of Translation

Registration fees for this conference are as follows:

  • University students/Pre-service teachers: $25
  • Teachers from Partner Schools: $50 (Free for virtual access)
  • Teachers from Non-Partner Schools: $150
  • Confirmed Workshop Presenters: Free

All proceeds are dedicated to expanding the Churchie Narragunawali Reconciliation in Education (RAP) project.