We conclude A Matter of Translation with a keynote by Author, Podcaster, Part-time Professor and Deputy Principal of Ballarat Claredon College Dr Greg Ashman.

Dr Ashman is a strong advocate of evidence-informed practice and has been instrumental in debunking misconceptions and promoting clarity in the field of education. His critical voice and valuable contributions to Australia’s Teaching and Learning conversation have made him a respected figure here and abroad. Dr Ashman is currently the Deputy Principal at Ballarat Clarendon College and recently completed his PhD at the UNSW with Professor John Sweller.

Given the number of presentations that focused on the application of  Cognitive Load Theory, why not have one of its leading practitioners wrap up A Matter of Translation? Dr Ashman’s Keynote is titled “Cognitive Load Theory and Explicit Teaching“. The abstract for his keynote;

Over the last fifty years, we have developed models of the mind that have been thoroughly tested in both laboratory and more natural environments. One such model is that used by cognitive load theory. Two key features of this model are a constrained working memory and an effectively limitless long-term memory. This model has implications for teaching and predicts the relative effectiveness of direct instruction (explicit teaching) for novices learning academic concepts. These predictions align with a much wider body of research evidence on teacher effectiveness, including data from international PISA studies. Taken together, we can draw practical and workable implications for everyday teaching

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